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Explore our Video Training Library on the LAMBAC website to learn vital information for small business owners. The Health, Safety, and Prevention series covers topics like remote work, web management, IT, and HR. Kathleen Stokes discusses termination, non-compete agreements, legal issues, hiring practices, and Bill 47. The Succession Planning section emphasizes the importance of having an exit plan, addressing key questions about business value, readiness for sale, desired outcomes, and exit strategies. The library also addresses critical injuries in the workplace and highlights the Manitoulin Trade Fair 2019, offering insights into regional business opportunities. Access expert advice and enhance your small business knowledge with our concise and informative video content.

Health, Safety and Prevention

Mental health in the workplace  Your responsibilities as an employer.

Half a million Canadians miss work each week due to mental illness and by age 40 half of Canadians have or have had a

mental illness and one in five of us will experience a mental illness in a given year. Employee mental health is an important issue for the economy and for your business.

Remote World of Work

Small Business Training

Gain valuable insights from Kathleen Stokes, an expert at Weaver Simmons, as she shares essential knowledge for small businesses. In her informative sessions, Kathleen covers crucial topics such as termination procedures, the intricacies of non-compete clauses, and strategies for minimizing legal problems. With her expertise, small business owners can navigate these aspects with confidence, ensuring compliance and a proactive approach to legal considerations in the business environment.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning and having an exit plan is essential.  

Every business needs to have a succession plan. This video will answer some key questions you need to ask – What is my business really worth and is it ready to sell? What outcome am I looking for? Do I have an exit strategy and a date? Who do I need to talk to?

Critical Injuries in the Workplace

Is your business prepared to deal with a critical injury in your workplace?

Manitoulin Trade Fair

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